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Our Story

From kitchen to career


It all started a few years ago; the brilliant idea conceived by my class in 2019. I am a primary school teacher by day, which allows me to shape the minds of fantastic young people every single day. However, back at the start, it was them who were about to change my whole life. They were the ones who had the brilliant idea to start a business which solely focuses on doing good for our planet. Which is what we did, after lots of brainstorming, we decided upon a home fragrance company. One which provides amazing products to its customers, in addition to one that plants trees, donates to charity, funds eco projects, uses eco friendly packaging and thinks carefully about everything. 

After lots of testing and lots of late nights, the business was ready to launch, it took a few months to really learn just how good our products were. Orders were flying in, and at times, it was really hard to keep up. It seems strange to say, but the global pandemic helped us as a business. It allowed us time away from teaching and helped me focus on creating new scents, (I did very much miss my awesome little class though) while still having a small dance in my kitchen every time an order came through.

It wasn't long until I realised that my kitchen was no longer a viable option to make and store all of our products in. So we moved to our little unit. As our business was beginning to grow, so did our family, in 2022, we welcomed Louie, or perfect little boy to to world. 

Becoming a Dad, running a small business and teaching 11 year olds full time took its toll. After lots of conversations with the better half and other family members, I took the leap and now Joseph Sandell, my little hobby over the kitchen hobs, is my full time job. (EDIT: I missed the classroom too much, in 2023 I came back to teaching and found help with the day to day running of sending orders out)


Because of my customers, the support of my family and most importantly, those 30 little people who came up with the idea, my dreams have come true, for that... Thank you

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